What is OpenShortlist

We're a modern set of tools for solo recruiters and boutique agencies to manage their end-to-end process, designed from the ground up to help you win more business!

All you will ever need to run your recruiting firm just bring your own sourcing tool
check Improve engagement with each candidate
check Improve speed to submission
check Reduce drop-out from process
check Win more placements by presenting a winning shortlist
check Spend less time in back-and-forth emails/meetings
check Make sure all stakeholders are on the same page
Client page

Kick-start each client relationship with a thorough intake process to make sure your capturing every critical matching detail

check Capture key matching criteria upfront and minimize the fatigue from back-and-forth meetings
check Improve the quality of your first submission and impress clients (first impressions matter!)
check Conduct a better search and do better candidate pitches

Build and manage talent pools with easy access to critical matching data and a collaborative resume builder for each candidate and position

check Improve your matching speed and accuracy without spending hours reviewing candidate profiles for every role
check Improve the likelihood that each candidate will secure an interview by working with them to improve their resume per job submission without a meeting

Screen & match candidates using video interview technology, scorecards and an intuitive shortlist builder

check Improve your matching accuracy by seamlessly building and implementing an interview scorecard and relevant questions to assess each matching criteria
check Build trust with your client by presenting clear evidence for each candidate your pitching
check Help clients make better hiring decisions by removing bias from the first submission
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